Tuesday, June 5, 2012

summer mix

I recently required a new (old) car. It's a 1990 Honda Accord and its name is Ron Swanson (aka the Swansonmobile) and up until two days ago, it had no stereo. That meant I was driving around either in awkward silence or using my BlackBerry as speakers...both which were very depressing. However, my very kind and mechanically-minded dad recently installed a new radio so now I can feel slightly less bootleg while driving a car that is older than I am. This is great because I love listening to goofy summery playlists when the weather is nice like this. My latest summer music mix has included Justin Bieber, The Go-Gos, Kid Cudi, Phantogram, and Taking Back Sunday (totally normal grouping of music, right?) So to reflect my summer music mix eclecticness (is that a word? well, now it is), I decided to create a manicure that is equally wacky.

China Glaze Holly-Day
Zoya Tracie
Zoya Kylie 2
Wet n Wild Black Creme

China Glaze Shocking Pink
Milani Gold Gems

China Glaze White on White
Wet n Wild Black Creme
This nail was inspired by the original Barbie's bathing suit!

American Apparel American Denim
China Glaze White on White

Wet n Wild Black Creme
Urban Outfitters Purple Glitter

I used a dotting tool for my pinky, index, and thumb, and a striping tool for my middle finger. I really love skittle nails because they're a great way to try out different designs, especially ones that are too time consuming to do on all your nails (like the watermelon design).

Now, we'll see how long this manicure lasts...my nails have been getting super beat from doing dishes at home and at work. What's that you say? Buy some rubber gloves? But that, my friend, would require effort...thanks for the suggestion, though ;)


  1. Lady, I love all of them. Even though the ring and middle fingers are the best hands down. And together they look really edgy!

    1. Yeah those two are my favorites too :) thanks!