Monday, June 4, 2012

red hot flakies

I wore this manicure over a month ago, before I moved out of my dorm and my super long nails were torn to shreds (RIP nailz). My physical therapist's assistant said this was her favorite manicure she'd seen on me, so I'm SUPER disappointed that I could not get it to photograph correctly. Stupid flakies. I broke out my SAD lamp for this because my external flash was creating too much glare on the flakies, and still you can't see all the gorgeous gradations from violet to gold in the flakies polish. For those of you unaware, a "flakies" polish is made with strips of mylar (yeah, that weird metallicy stuff balloons are made out of) and the effect is softer and more mottled than standard glitters.

This is three coats of Finger Paints Asylum over two coats of Zoya Kylie 2. 


The flakies are just so duochromey and perfect. So stunning against the bright coral of Kylie 2.

Anyone have advice on how to properly photograph flakies? It's really tearing me apart. Like, really.

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